• UPVC
  • Windows, Doors & Conservatories
  • Cracked or Misted Double Glazed Units Replaced
  • Leaks & Draughts
  • Frame Seals & Mastic Renewal
  • Hinges, Handles, Locks & Letterplates Replaced
  • Sash Balances, Patio Runners & Wheels Replaced
  • Soffits and Gutters Repaired
  • Aluminium & Timber

The most common problems are misted (broken down) sealed units.

These cannot be repaired but can be replaced. We would have to visit and measure up size make up etc and issue you with a free quote.

Windows not closing properly is another common problem normally due to broken or worn Friction hinges. We carry a stock of standard hinges and in most cases could carry out repairs on the first visit.

B C Glazing carry a large stock of the more common Hinges, Locks etc but there are so many it would be impossible to carry them all. However any type of Lock, mechanism etc if it is still available B C Glazing will find it or replace with similar.

Listed below are just some of the Double Glazing areas we cover

We're specialists at replacing broken and damaged glass

Window locks and Restrictors – Many types of Window locks available to suit your windows.

Restrictors, which restrict opening of your window, which can be easily unlocked to open the window fully.

Locks – Door locks, Multi-point locking systems . Any type of lock if still available we will find or if not replace with similar.

If you are locked out or door or window locked and you can not open it B C Glazing will get you in and save you expensive Locksmith charges.

If your Out Of Guarantee or Company Out Of Business we will repair at a fraction of the cost of complete replacement.

Sealed Units – All types of units available. Any type of patterned Glass. If a special design is required etched onto the Glass this service is also available. This is carried out by sandblasting or acid etching. So if you have your own design in mind give us a call.

Hinges – Friction hinges ,these are the scissor like hinges you find on most double glazed windows. When broken or worn window will not pull in tight to frame therefore water ingress or draughts can occur .

Door hinges come in many different types, we carry as stock the more common types and if we cannot find your hinge can usually replace with similar or convert to a different type of hinge.

If your door has dropped it is not nessessarily a case of new hinges.

The glass can be packed (Toe and Heel) to raise height of door.

Handles – All types of window handles available. We can find out if your handle is still available if not replace it with the nearest similar match.

Any problems with your Double Glazing please contact me. Send an e-mail and I will contact you.

Door Panels:
Cracked or faded panels can be replaced with a more up to date design - also panels fitted with mdf reinforcing.